As I was scrolling through my facebook and twitter newsfeeds today- it seemed that the common theme was about people waiting for the day to finish and the weekend to begin. Why is it that most of us are wishing 5/7th’s of our life away?Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a career that you look forward to jumping into each day- not a 9 to 5, where you punch the clock?

Many people might think “yeah nice for you to have that privilege, meanwhile we’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed.” Yet, this concept does not require you to completely uproot yourself and your family.

Start today by asking yourself- “what is my purpose? why am I on this Earth? and what makes me the happiest?” Now think about your job. If your job is to cut and color hair and you believe our purpose is to make people feel better about themselves- it is not a far stretch to see how a shift in perspective can give new meaning to what you do each day.

If you take inventory of your beliefs about our purpose and what makes you happy, and still are unable to find how this might translate to your job- this may be an indicator that it is time to make a shift in your career path.

Instead of wishing your week away and living for the weekends, why not figure out a way to make meaning out of your week days as well? How much would your mood be improved if you excitedly anticipated your Mondays as much as most people anticipate their Saturdays? What could you start to do each day that can add meaning and fulfillment to your work week?

Dr. Colleen Long is the author of “Happiness in B.A.L.A.N.C.E,” and practices in the Los Angeles area under the supervision of Dr. Richard Oelberger (PSY22186) . Dr. Long works mainly from a positive psychology framework as it applies to addiction, depression, relationships,  body image and weight loss. Her website can be found at All public speaking/media event requests handled through FreudTV (