Today’s post is a simple one. Here are just three things I recommend to brighten your day:

1) Healing Music – I recommend Pandora because it plays a continuous stream for free (unless you use it as much as I do and then its around $39.99/year). You can create your own station. Try typing in “Calming Meditation,” or “Liquid Mind,” or “Deepak Chopra,” if you prefer more of a guided approach.

2) Marine Aquarium 3-D Screensaver Install this on your computer and within minutes your PC is transformed into a soothing aquarium…a colorful waterworld of fish floating right in front of your eyes.

3) Aveda Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate– This is a tiny bottle of blue oil with a scent that can only be described as heavenly. It takes me back to those days selling girl scout thin mints, yet has a soothing, tranquil quality. I keep a bottle of this in my car. Inhale deeply three times and instantly feel the tension melt away.

Dr. Colleen Long is the author of “Happiness in B.A.L.A.N.C.E,” and practices in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Long works mainly from a positive psychology framework as it applies to addiction, depression, relationships,  and weight loss. Her website can be found at All public speaking/media event requests handled through FreudTV (